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I used to watch in awe at the professional mind reading magic performers on TV. You know the ones.. Derren Brown, Cris Angel & David Blaine to name a few.. I wanted to discover the secret methods and impress people with the same sort of tricks they were doing. That started me on a quest to find out how the hell they did it.. But I soon ran into problems..

I was led down a garden path in the complete wrong direction...

I learned complex NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques, I learned how to hypnotise people and I learned the art of using suggestion to 'read minds'. These were the secrets the professionals claimed they were using, but after digging deeper, I found out to my horror that these were NOT the primary methods the pros used to perform jaw dropping mind reading tricks. I knew There HAD to be something else they weren't telling us.. after spending all my time learning the wrong things, I was gutted...

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After months of searching, I'd found it. The REAL methods behind the mind reading magic tricks I so badly wanted to be able to do. I became obsessed... I searched the globe for every underground book and manual I could find that revealed these skills – some books were out of print, expensive and very hard to get hold of. I also had long conversations with a few of the remaining masters of mentalism magic I'd met along the way who shared closely guarded secrets that money can't buy.

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Mind Reading

A manual containing the real methods and secrets to the best tricks I'd found. I didn't want to include the lame tricks that cluttered the books I'd read, in the same sort of hard-to-understand language that filled their pages. I wanted to make it easier for people like you and I to discover the truth behind mind reading and mentalism and put all the incredible tricks I'd found in one place.

I also wanted to create a manual for complete novices who had never done a trick in their lives AND for the professionals who were looking to take their magic to the next level and wanted to add incredible mind reading tricks to their arsenal.

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“Stigmata 2.0” – The strongest trick you can perform with a pack of cards. Period. This is truly shocking..

The Real “Invisible Touch” – Have a volunteer close their eyes and hold out their hand – the volunteer will swear you touched them but a crowd of witnesses will verify that you didn't go near them. I've also included my own secret method so you can record the trick on a camera phone and prove to the volunteer that you didn't touch them! This one will really freak out your friends..

“How to REALLY Stop Your Pulse” - Have a volunteer take your pulse and watch them go pale as YOUR pulse slows down until it stops.. dead. I've included the real workings behind the age old effect so you can perform it at a moments notice.

“The Truth About Mind Reading” – I've included a chapter revealing the truth about mind reading and mentalism. This took me a few years to figure out, so I've saved you the time, money and effort and got straight to the point. The truth may surprise you..

“The Mentalist's Tool Kit” – I blow the cover on the Five Secret Tools used by mind readers and mentalists worldwide. Your favourite TV magician is guaranteed to have used these exact same tools.

“Hypnosis in Magic” - I'll tell you how hypnosis is used by the pros to create the most incredible effects possible. You won't believe it when you hear it..

“TV Mind Reading & Mentalism Exposed!” – I reveal the sneaky behind the scenes tricks used by famous mind readers / mentalists and magicians on TV. This is the most concise breakdown I've seen in print on the real magic that goes on off camera to create the stunning displays of mind reading you see on camera..

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